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Wine and Cheese Pairing

Wine and cheese pairings has been a tradition for a long time. Perhaps the tradition is almost as old as wine itself. No matter when the tradition started, there is no denying that wine and cheese just seem to match up well together. In fact, in some circles wine and cheese are almost inseparable.

Having said that, matching the right type of cheese to go with your wine can really make a big difference. Selecting the right cheese to have with your wine is largely a matter of personal preference but you can use the tables below to help you make a good choice.

If you are interested in having food with your wine then check out our wine and food pairing page. You may also try our wine selector to help you select a type of wine for almost any occasion. If you are planning a party you might also check out this site, A Simple Feast.

Red Wines and Cheese Pairings
Red Wines Cheeses
Cabernet Franc Sharp Cheddar
Cabernet Sauvignon Sharp Cheddar
Hard Cheeses (Parmesan)
Chianti Hard Cheeses (Parmesan)
Merlot Sharp Cheddar
Pinot Noir White Cheeses (Swiss)
Sangiovese Creamy Cheeses (Brie)
Zinfandel Blue Cheese

Most red wines pair up very well with sharp cheddar cheese, not just the ones listed in this table. Red wines tend to pair up well with most types of cheese actually. The table above simply reflects what is most commonly seen as a good red wine and cheese match.

White Wines and Cheese Pairings
White Wines Cheeses
Chardonnay Creamy Cheeses (Brie)
Gewurztraminer White Cheeses (Swiss)
Pinot Blanc Creamy Cheeses (Brie)
Pinot Gris Cheddar (Not Sharp)
Riesling White Cheeses (Swiss)
Creamy Cheeses (Brie)
Sauvignon Blanc Mozzarella & Goat's Milk
Creamy Cheeses (Brie)
Semillon Mozzarella & Goat's Milk

Generally, you should pair white wines with white and creamy cheeses but don't let that stop you from experimenting a little bit. Sweet and fruity white wines are often good with many types of cheese.

Dessert Wines and Cheese Pairings
Dessert Wines Cheeses
Champagne &
Sparkling Wine
Creamy Cheeses (Brie)
Port Blue Cheese
Sherry Blue Cheese

Dessert wines usually match up best with blue cheese and, as the name suggests, desserts.

These tables are simply a guideline of the most commonly enjoyed wine and cheese pairings but they should not be seen as a hard and fast rule. Obviously, if you don't like sharp cheddar cheese then you are not going to like having sharp cheddar with your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.

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