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Barbeque-Wine Pairings

Our food and wine pairings section covers the basics but barbeque-wine pairings are a bit special so we have dedicated this section specifically to barbeque-wine pairings.

Use the tables below as a guideline but don't be afraid to experiment with new barbeque-wine pairings.

Red Wine-Barbeque Pairings
Red Wines Type Of Food
Cabernet Franc Grilled Steak
Cabernet Sauvignon Grilled Steak
Chianti Anything with lots of
BBQ Sauce
Merlot Grilled Steak, Poultry &
Pork (Almost Anything)
Pinot Noir Grilled Steak
Sangiovese Grilled Steak,
Poultry &Pork
Zinfandel Anything with lots of
BBQ Sauce

You may be wondering why hamburgers and hotdogs aren't listed. That is because virtually all red wines go well with hamburgers and hotdogs. When it comes to barbeque-wine pairing, red wines are the easiest. If you want to play it safe, both Zinfandel and Merlot are good all-around red wine-barbeque pairings.

White Wine-Barbeque Pairings
White Wines Types Of Food
Chardonnay No Suggestion
Gewurztraminer Anything with spicy
BBQ Sauce
Pinot Blanc Grilled Steak,
Poultry & Pork
Pinot Gris Grilled Steak,
Poultry & Pork
Riesling Anything with spicy
BBQ Sauce
Sauvignon Blanc Grilled Vegetables &
Semillon Grilled Vegetables &

Again, hamburgers and hotdogs have been omitted. Most white wines go very well with both hamburgers and hotdogs. The one exception here is Chardonnay which is often a difficult barbeque-wine pairing. Gewurztraminer and Riesling wines pair well with spicy BBQ sauces while Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon's light body is the perfect white wine-barbeque pairing when it comes to vegetables and seafood (especially shrimp).

Dessert Wine-Barbeque Pairings
Dessert Wines Types Of Food
Champagne &
Sparkling Wine
Grilled Vegetables &
Port No Suggestion
Sherry Grilled Steak,
Poultry & Pork

Dessert wine-barbeque pairing can be rather tricky. Champagne and Sparkling Wine are sometimes great with other things but pair up best with grilled vegetables and seafood. Sherry is often great with grilled meats but Port wine is a hard match.

When it comes to wine-barbeque pairing, the main rule is to pick a wine which is going to compliment the flavor while not being overpowered by it. This can be a delicate balance but these tables should lead you in the right direction.